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The Ear Bible electronics and firmware were designed and developed in 2008 by Dagtronix for Lascelles, LLC. Here are some pictures of what's inside this stylish digital audio player.

The Ear Bible looks great thanks to the industrial design talents of the Terrestrial team. Dagtronix worked closely with Terrestrial to ensure a quality mechanical and aesthetic solution, notwithstanding the extremely demanding battery-life, weight, cost, environmental, and feature specifications. Apart form anything else, it's not so easy to fit square electronics in a round enclosure!

This is how the finished product looks:

Stylish industrial design by Terrestrial

And here's a look at “what's inside”:

The "embedded" bit by Dagtronix

This is the main PCB (the other PCB is simply a mounting for the display module):

The top side of the main PCB The bottom side of the main PCB

Designing the electronics was particularly challenging because the digital audio player technology space is exceptionally “vertically optimized”. In other words, if you want to design something that is very much like a typical MP3 player, and can project volumes of 500K+, then you're in luck. The integrated circuits, display modules, and firmware already available is very close to what you need. If, however, you are doing something quite different - something like the Ear Bible - well, let's just say it requires some innovative thinking.

Dagtronix is proud to have delivered a solution that met or exceeded the customer's tough requirements, whilst adding value and finding ways to save costs throughout the process.


Audibible player and software

Incidentally, in 2010 we designed another digital audio player and accompanying software - with very different requirements - for Davar Partners International.

The Audibible is in high volume production and has been delivered to users in many countries around the world.



And, in 2013, we designed and developed the TreeShell for New York artist Eric Forman.

This intriguing design is part of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Design Store Destination:NYC collection.

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